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Our interest in security in web applications started in the early days when web sites became web applications. Since 2008, we have spent a lot of time educating ourselves in this field as well as pen-testing many web applications. We have attended Black Hat and Def Con each year since 2008 and we always keep up with new developments in web application security. In 2008 we began to conduct training courses for other companies and quickly realized that there was a huge need for this kind of expertise in the market and Awareness Security was formed.

  • Asbjørn Reglund Thorsen Pen-tester

  • Geir Harald Hansen Pen-tester

The core in what we do?

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We find security flaws in web applications. The results are delivered in a report where we describe the findings, the severity of them and how they should be handled. If needed, we help to fix security holes we found. Even with the best developers, penetration testing done by experts is necessary. We help you achieve the appropriate level of security for your web applications.

Quality is important

quality assurance and testing

The quality of web applications today is very important. The customer is now depending on your web applications to handle what his/her information safely. It is therefore crucial that your company can demonstrate proper quality when it comes to security. To achieve this it is necessary to regularly perform security testing of your applications.